The power of colour

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul.    – Wassily Kandinsky

As our team first stood in the construction zone of what will soon be Uptown’s hub for live entertainment and creative programming, we quickly became both excited and intimidated.

Excited because we could see the potential in reviving this historical landmark, The Brick Brewery. Intimidated because so many questions remained unanswered.

Where will the live bands play? What seating arrangements will encourage conversation? How can we incorporate our local artisans? This list continued to grow but the driving force behind our choices never changed. Our mission was simple, “create a space where our members simultaneously feel most themselves, yet most connected.”

By having this statement guiding us, it became clear that colour would be the language to best communicate our intentions. Colour inspires. Colour awakens. Colour challenges. Colour connects.

Colour speaks to us in a powerful way that creates an energy that affects everything from our moods to our creativity. The places that live the longest in our memories are the ones that bring out our strongest sense of self. The music venues where we dance without care. The hotels that spark our sense of wonder and the spas that stop time for the length of our session. These interiors give us a visceral experience by creating an intentional atmosphere through strategically mixing rich colour with form, texture and pattern. These selections assist in telling our brains “you are here to explore,” “you are here to detach,” “you are here to party,” “you are here to make your mark.”

With all this in mind, LaLa Social House’ ambiance was designed to help you live in the moment; to smile and feel connected. To cue to our members, “you are here to be present.” Our interior selections reflect that through bold finishes, natural wood features, rich colours and playful textures. We carefully chose custom vintage-floral patterns and green and pink for our branding because of their direct benefits on our psychology. Green is well-known for its ability to relax us and symbolizes growth, health and balance. Pink evokes passion, love and playfulness. Combined, they express our future atmosphere – a place where our members feel comfortable and open to new experiences and connections that they in turn will use to better themselves and our community. Welcome to the LaLa Social House. The eclectic home to the creative and curious minds of this already vibrant city.